A Community Stand is an action one commits to that makes a positive difference
in the life of another without compensation or reward to oneself.


Creating your own Community Stand is as simple as:


Live. You live where you do because there is an impact there only you can create.


See. Look around and see what you would like to see changed or who you can serve.


Do. Connect with others and use your skills and resources to do something today that will make a difference.

“The world will never change with one broad stroke, but rather with millions of small strokes from the hands of people like you and me. If nearly 50,000 people a day join this great industry, therein lies an opportunity for us to dignify the industry and shift the perception from ‘do me’ to an indiscriminate global community of givers where service supersedes salesmanship. The world isn’t out there, some intangible thing. The world is here and now, wherever you are, with whomever you’re with, in the moment. This is one demonstration of how the vison of ForeverGreen is bigger than all of us so none of us can get in the way. Take your Stand today.”


Ron Williams
CEO, Founder & Chairman


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Operation Underground Railroad

One-hundred percent of donations sent to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) are used to free children from sex trafficking. Join us in our goal of completely funding a rescue operation in 2015.


Kiva is an organization that provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs and people in need all over the world. Help us in our goal of funding an entrepreneur in every country in 2015 by becoming a member of our FGXpress Kiva team.

Azul Wasi

ForeverGreen has adopted a boys’ home in Peru. Help us positively impact these boys’ lives and follow them as they progress from rescued street children to successful adults. Together we can impact generations to come.