2016 Paris Convention Recap

2016 Paris Convention Recap

Thank You For Joining Us In Paris

Thank you to all those who joined us at the 2016 Paris Momentum Convention!

The goal of the convention was to come together and generate excitement and momentum within the ForeverGreen family and we did just that!

If you were not able to attend the 2016 Paris Convention make sure that you watch the recording!

This email highlights just a few of the announcements made at the event.

Click Here To View Recording

Get Ready For Prodigy-5

The world had been waiting to hear Bala Ambati, MD, PhD, MBA train live for the first time and he did not disappoint!

His vision, along with Dr. Adam Saucedo’s, combined with the global Xpress model will allows us to bring the answer to the world’s nutrition problem to every doorstep in the world!

We cannot wait for Prodigy-5 to be available for the world.

Click the image above to watch the Official Prodigy-5 Video

Extended Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack 

We have created a new $20.00 USD pack* that will get you exclusive access to a special U of YOU with Ron Williams on January 3, 2017, and reserve your place in line to get the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack at a $75.00 USD savings!

Prodigy-5 Secrets to Success with Ron Williams | Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack (6 Cases) | Lock in your Autoship Pricing for Life*


$20.00 USD| 20 QV/CV
$299.95 USD | 250 QV/CV
$99.95 USD | Fully Quailfied +90 CV

*Your $20.00 USD ticket purchase acknowledges that your payment method will be charged at the time of the official product pre-launch in the amount of $299.95 USD (or the equivalent amount based on your local currency) plus tax and shipping for the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch pack. Lifetime Autoship pricing will only be honored for those who maintain an ongoing, active Autoship profile without interruption once the Autoship option becomes available.


Free Membership Promo Extended

Want to sign up new Members to join the ForeverGreen family for free? Now you can! Throughout the duration of the extended Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch, we will be waiving all Membership fees*. There has never been a better time to join ForeverGreen!

*While the $12.00 USD membership fee will be waived, new Members must complete a first order to active their Membership.


Introducing SmartBuilder

SmartBuilder is a new platform for staying connected, learning, managing and developing your ForeverGreen business! This training tool takes you through the ForeverGreen business one step at a time and awards achievements based on what you accomplish and learn. As you and your new Members use this tool, you’ll learn the skills required to develop long-lasting, sustainable businesses for increased retention and success.

How to Register on SmartBuilder

To access SmartBuilder, click on the button below or download the free SmartBuilder app from the Google Play or Apple app store on your mobile device.

From the main page, select ‘Register here!’ (Desktop) or ‘Register’ (Mobile App). Complete the required fields, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘Register’. Follow the directions to confirm your email address. You’re all set!

Initially, the SmartBuilder has been launched in as a beta version in English, Spanish and French, but more languages, updates, and additional information will be available in the coming weeks! A link to SmartBuilder will also be added to your web office homepage shortly. Go ahead and start using your SmartBuilder today!


Compensation Plan Enhancements

Corporate and top leadership recently aligned on some new compensation plan enhancements that were unveiled in Paris! The intention of these improvements is to better drive and reward business-building behaviors that create the maximum opportunity for success for all of our Members, worldwide!

These new compensation plan enhancements will be going live at the same time as the official Prodigy-5 release for a maximum positive impact on your business.

Between now and then, ForeverGreen will be conducting a number of compensation plan trainings to help you get up to speed before these enhancements go live. Stay tuned for more information about these trainings coming soon!

You can now find the English version of the 2017 Compensation Plan document in your web office library. More languages will be added in the coming days. This new video also showcases the enhancements as the 2017 Compensation Plan. Check it out!

Introducing the STARTER Promotion

Between November 1 and November 28, you have the opportunity to earn an additional $300.00 USD! To earn this bonus, simply enroll three new Members and help each of them become STARTER during the promotion period.

What is STARTER? 

STARTER means being fully qualified, and having one fully qualified PEM in your right leg, and one fully qualified PEM in your left leg. In this promotion, your goal is to enroll three new Members who each become STARTER by the end of the promotion.

Click Here for More STARTER Promotion Details


• Each new Member must be fully qualified, which means they have a personal volume of 100 QV or more.
• All Members in your structure must be new between November 1 – 28, meaning they must have joined ForeverGreen no earlier than November 1.
• All three of your new PEMs must achieve STARTER between November 1 – 28, 2016.

Your business will grow bigger and become more sustainably when you build a strong foundation. A highlight of the new compensation plan enhancements, the STARTER program teaches the basic steps toward building a sustainable long-term business.

Web & Global Privileges Pass

Also announced in Paris was a new part of the ForeverGreen Xpress model called the Web & Global Privileges Pass. This pass allows every Member around the world access to the resources needed to build a global business! This pass includes:

• Unlimited access to SmartBuilder tool (a $19.95/month value)
• Total access to a global logistics model
• Multi-language support and development
• International payment mechanisms
• Automated/trackable business tools
• Replicated websites
• Online web office access
• Global shipping options
• And more!

You will get all of this for ONLY $4.95 USD per month! This pass will go into effect once the new compensation plan enhancements go live so everyone will have a level playing field on which they can build a sustainable, global business!