Asia Pacific Regional Event Recap

Asia Pacific Regional Event Recap

Asia Pacific Regional Recognition Event  Recap

Thank you to all who attended our Asia Pacific Regional Recognition Event in beautiful Okinawa, Japan!

Those in attendance were Bob Steed, President of Asia; Brenda, President, Tomoko Hale, Director of Japan; Michelle LeSueur, Director of Product Education and Development and many Members.

Our CEO and Founder, Ron Williams delivered a powerful speech via Skype.  Michelle gave a great presentation on products including Ketopia and Farmers Market products. Bob shared with everyone his own personal experience with Ketopia products while Tomoko and top field leadership discussed international updates.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported this event. Without our Members, staff and friends, this event wouldn’t have been possible. I look forward to to having a great 2016!”
-Tomoko Hale, Director of Japan


Ketopia products have been well received in the Japan Market!  Stay tuned for additional information on an upcoming Ketopia related seminar in January 2016!

Regional 100 Party

The party was kicked off with the Regional 100 Party for 3-Stars and above. There were multiple culture demonstrations and a performance by Okinawa locals. Everyone was dressed in their country’s traditional costumes and we had so much fun celebrating every culture in attendance!

Community Stands

Our Members in Japan really took the initiative and completed THREE Community Stands! They planted flowers to decorate the roads and picked up trash around the park for an upcoming wheel chair marathon. They also made 1,000 cranes of Origami to donate to the wheel chair marathon foundation. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the local community of Okinawa!