Brazil Business Update

Brazil Business Update

June 11, 2015


Important Update

Dear Members,

Thank you again to everyone who attended or tuned in via livestream for our official company launch at the Welcome Home Worldwide Convention in Las Vegas. We had several of our top leaders from Brazil present at this fantastic event unmatched by any other in the history of ForeverGreen!

We continue to work vigorously on the finalization of our new arrangement and opportunity for those building ForeverGreen businesses in Brazil. As you know, the official launch of the new products in Brazil is just around the corner. With this in mind, we are thrilled to share that the new product pre-sale is expected to begin as soon as June 30, 2015!

Please stay tuned for additional communications regarding the pre-sale of these incredible new products and the official launch of the new ForeverGreen business in Brazil.
We thank you for your support. We are excited for the enhanced opportunites awaiting our Member base in Brazil!
Your ForeverGreen Corporate Team