Celebrate the End of the Year with Ron Williams and Rick Redford

Celebrate the End of the Year with Ron Williams and Rick Redford


Greater China Year End Celebration

Don’t miss this great opportunity to party with Chief Executive Officer and Founder Ron Williams and Chief Sales Officer Rick Redford, as they celebrate a remarkable year in the Greater China Region!

Not only will this be a year end celebration, but it will also be the first ever Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch event in Asia. Ron and Rick are excited to share how Prodigy-5 opens up another great global business opportunity to all Members!

Saturday, December 3, 2016
Chien Tan Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan

You Can Still Qualify For the VIP Dinner

Be part of the exclusive group of ForeverGreen Members who will have the opportunity to enjoy a world-class dinner, dancing and conversation with Ron Williams on December 3.

Ron will be joined by Rick Redford giving you the chance to spend time with two ForeverGreen Executives when they are not onstage giving presentations!

This is an invitation only event! Qualify between October 4, and November 14, 2016!

How to Qualify:
Reach 1-Star and 500 QV of new enrollments once between October 4, and November 14, 2016.

Get to the Celebration With Some Extra Cash!

We have made it easier than ever to join us in Taipei by offering EXTRA CASH BONUSES* during the promotion!

All you have to do is reach ranks of 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star or 5-Star and we will give you extra cash which can be used to help you make the trip to Taiwan for the End of Year Celebration!**

This is an great opportunity to help you get to this incredible event so you can celebrate with from Ron and Rick and learn how to boost your business to new heights!

All Reached Ranks
Earn Extra Cash!

2-Star | $100 USD
3-Star | $200 USD
4-Star | $300 USD
5-Star | $400 USD

*Members will receive only one cash bonus based upon the highest ranking that they achieve during the promotion.
**Members must be present at w the Greater China End of Year Celebration to claim their bonus.

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Feel Free to Contact Us

For event tickets or if you have any questions feel free to contact Mily Chen through email. Her email address is [email protected]

Thanks for all you do and we will see you in Taipei!