Compensation Plan Training Schedule Update

Compensation Plan Training Schedule Update

Comp Plan Training Schedule Update

Thank you to all who have attended and continue to attend our compensation plan training webinars!

We have provided the recordings for trainings that have already taken place. Simply click the buttons below to view.

View English Training
View Spanish Training
View Japanese Training

Click the image above to watch a video describing the 2017 compensation plan.

We aren’t done with the trainings yet! Please look below to see the full details of the remaining training webinars and instructions on how to view them.

Please note that these trainings will be recorded. A link to view the recordings will be sent out after the trainings have finished. 

French Training

Thursday, November 17
12:00 PM U.S. Mountain Time
(8:00 PM CET)

Click Here to Join French Training

German Training

Wednesday, November 16
1:00 PM U.S. Mountain Time
(9:00 PM CET)

Click Here to Join German Training

Chinese Training

Please Note Updated Date:
Tuesday, November 22
9:00 PM U.S. Mountain Time

Click Here to Join Chinese Training

Please note, we are now using a webinar platform called Zoom for our corporate calls/webinars. You can access these webinars online, via telephone (audio only), or through the Zoom mobile app. Please be aware Zoom will be automatically downloaded if joining online from a computer. If you plan on joining on a mobile device or tablet, we recommend downloading the Zoom app (found in the Google or Android app store) to your device ahead of time.

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