Congrats To Our Top Enrollers!

Congrats To Our Top Enrollers!


Congratulations To Our Top 10 Enrollers

We would like to congratulate the top 10 enrollers during the Momentum Global Promotion!

These Members took advantage of the promotion and were able to grow their business by huge numbers.

For their hard work, these lucky Members will each receive a new iPad (or cash equivalent) which they can use to boost their business!

Click the image above to watch Craig Smith announce the top 10 enrollers.

Top 10 Enrollers

1. Viviane Emigré, French Guiana
2. Sleheddine Tahri, Tunisia
3. Christophe Lecroard, France
4. Alexandre Ngombe, France
5. Sabine Weisz, Austria
6. Saida Nouira, Tunisia
7. Suzy Rodier, Guadeloupe
8. Judith Morlet, France
9. Lolita Bigot, Reunion
10. Carlos V. Rodriguez, USA

Congratulations once again and keep up the great work!