KetonX Update

KetonX Update

Important KetonX Updates

Dear Members,

As you know, ForeverGreen has taken control of its destiny by directly bringing the complete supply chain of Ketopia to a facility only 10 miles from our ForeverGreen headquarters. With the new, local manufacturing solution in place, ForeverGreen has begun fulfilling orders in a much quicker and more efficient fashion, allowing us to meet and eventually surpass the field’s product demands.

As a reminder from the previous communication sent on Tuesday, September 4, 2015, you may notice slight texture, color and taste variations in the KetonX drink as we work to perfect the process with our new manufacturer. Rest assured that the efficacy of the ketone technology has not and will not been affected.

We are pleased to confirm that the KetonX drink will return to its original orange color with the arrival of our next large batch of raw materials. As the manufacturing process continues to progress with each shipment, we also expect the original taste of KetonX to return in the near future. Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with additional KetonX updates as soon as we receive them.

We appreciate your support and look forward to witnessing your Ketopia transformation!

Your ForeverGreen Corporate Team