Less Than Two Weeks Left Of The $500 Guaranteed Bonus Promotion

Less Than Two Weeks Left Of The $500 Guaranteed Bonus Promotion

There’s Still Time!

Dear Members,

There’s still time to take advantage of this incredible promotion that was announced from the Bellagio stage at convention! Let ForeverGreen invest more money into you and encourage the growth of your business. All you have to do is get involved now!

It’s Simple. Get 2000 CV/QV in your enrollment tree from new Members during the four-week promotion period and earn $500*!

Everyone, worldwide, can qualify to participate in this promotion running from Tuesday May, 26, 2015 through Monday, June 22, 2015.

How do I earn my guaranteed $500*?

To earn your guaranteed $500, simply help as many Members in your enrollment tree as possible to enroll new Members over the four-week period. Any Member who gets 2000 CV/QV of new Member sign-up group volume in their enrollment tree within the four weeks between May 26 and June 22 will be guaranteed $500*!

How do I qualify?

To be eligible to receive the $500 Guaranteed Bonus Promotion, you need to:

• Be active on at least 100 CV/QV.

• Be Team Bonus qualified, meaning you qualify at the rank of 1-Star or higher.

Promotion Rules

• Each new Member enrolled can contribute up to 100 CV/QV toward your 2000 CV/QV qualification.

• No more than 800 CV/QV of new Member volume can come from any single enrollment tree leg.

• A minimum of 500 CV/QV of new Member volume must come from your binary pay leg.

• Only new Members who sign up between Tuesday, May 26 and Monday, June 22 will count toward the total 2000 QV/CV sign-up group volume.

• Bonuses earned will be paid to qualifying Members at the end of the four weeks.

• If the total of your Team Bonus, Matching Bonus, Rank Cash Bonus and X-Tribe Bonus equal or exceed $500, you will receive no additional payout.

See more details in the by going to http://forevergreen.org/bonus-promotion.pdf.


It’s really that simple to take part in this special promotion.

Let ForeverGreen reward you for your hard work and for the growth of your business!


Your ForeverGreen Corporate Team


*ForeverGreen will guarantee a total of $500 payout between your earned Team Bonus, Matching Bonus, Rank Cash Bonus and X-Tribe Bonus. If all four bonuses equal less than $500, ForeverGreen will pay you the difference. For example, if your total earnings on these four bonuses equals $150, ForeverGreen will pay you an extra $350 just for qualifying for the promotion.

Please note, this payout is not part of the regular compensation plan. The company is investing more money in you to encourage the growth of your business!!