Retromé: Get Yours Today!

Retromé: Get Yours Today!

Retromé is Back in Stock!

As announced by Blake Schroeder on this week’s Ketopia call, we are happy to report that Retromé and Pure are back in stock!

Pulse-8 and Thunder, while still on backorder, are expected to be back in stock October 12 and October 14, respectively. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to continually provide you with the best products available.


Retromé: Your Running Shoes in the Race Against Time

Retromé is a daily supplement that has been specially formulated using the latest breakthroughs in biological science combined with ancient medicinal traditions. Due to the power of cycloastragenol, a compound found in the astragalus root, Retromé may just be your new running shoes in the race against time!

In scientific studies, cycloastragenol has shown to maintain the health of, or even lengthen telomeres. Telomeres are on the ends of our DNA strands to keep them from unraveling, similar to the plastic cylinders on the ends of our shoelaces. Each time a cell divides, a portion of the telomere is lost, diminishing its length over time. Without telomeres, cells can no longer divide and duplicate.

Retromé is 98% pure cycloastragenol, which can only be found in the astragalus root. The astragalus root has been a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries, but the technology to extract the cyclostragenol compound and the scientific breakthroughs surrounding its benefits have only been made available through modern technologies.

Using a patent-pending delivery method, Retromé delivers more cycloastragenol to the cells when compared to similar products, and it’s available exclusively to ForeverGreen. Each batch of Retromé is tested for cycloastragenol concentration to ensure maximum efficacy.

Start going “retro” by getting yours today!

50 QV/CV
28 Capsules

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