Ketopia Update

Dear ForeverGreen Family,

It is the morning after our biggest conference call ever! And, it was only for a fraction of the world: North America. Many questions have come in to us over the past few business days, and this letter is designed to empower everyone by addressing those questions.

1. What are the details surrounding the Ketopia Pre-launch Fly-in on July 10? There is a lot of anticipation building for this event. It will in the Barn at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah (three minutes from our corporate offices) from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM with a party/social at the ForeverGreen headquarters that evening. Bring all of your guests, as this will be a one-day slice of convention-like production! BRING EVERYONE! This is an amazing recruiting opportunity.

You can register for free to attend the event and find details on accommodations here:

2. What products are in the Ketopia system? The catalyst of the system, KetonX, is an all-natural powdered drink, that when taken allows the body to test positively for ketones within hours. ForeverGreen has contractually received the rights to manufacture, market and sell this super duper technology.

We are also playing with the second product, Dough Bites™, where we tied up the main ingredient, a phantom carbohydrate, exclusively. Dough Bites are also delicious, high in fiber, and nothing short of brilliant.

The third part of the system, is our ever-so-popular low-carb 24-Karat Chocolate® meal replacement shake, FIXX®. It features organic New Zealand whey and a natural hint of energy in a fruit and vegetable blend.

Finally, let’s not forget the Ketostix™! You will have enough Ketostix to measure and screen your progress toward ketosis daily (via urine test) while using the system.

Sooner or later, these products will be for sale a la carte. The guilt-free Dough Bites™ are already are in very high demand!

4. Will there be product at the fly-in event on July 10? Internally, we have targeted to have everything ready to sell at this event. However, in the event that it’s not ready, we will begin taking orders and sharing samples at the event. The opportunity to order and taste the products will ONLY be available to those in attendance on July 10. It will be the beginning of massive enterprise. This event will NOT be streamed live, so be there!

5. What is the plan between now and July 10? Every Tuesday evening at 7:00p Mountain Time, we will have a North America-wide conference call as we did last night. Each week we will release one new video tease at the conclusion of each call. On July 10, we intend to release THE VIDEO that should become the viral piece that allows a “push and play” simple duplication system to create record-setting incomes and business opportunities.

EVERYONE WE TALK TO WANTS THIS! Let’s play fair, and play by the rules, and let’s create massive and sustainable abundance. Don’t forget that the Ketopia program, as we always state, goes hand-in-hand with healthy diet and exercise. It’s the body that performs the miracles; all it needs are the proper raw materials.
These raw materials are worth their weight in gold to you.

I am pledging my leadership to play, and play hard. We have come a long way together. It’s time we align as an army, where our best work, staring us square in the face, is our next work. Put the blinders on. Think less, do more. Think less, be more. It’s time to get primal!


Ron Williams
Chairman, CEO & Founder