The Countdown to Prodigy-5 Continues!

The Countdown to Prodigy-5 Continues!

Dear Members,

As the buzz of Prodigy-5 continues to spread in record-breaking time around the world, we have been working hard on creating some incredible new advancements to your ForeverGreen business! Just a few include:

• New compensation plan enhancements,
• The introduction of an incredible training tool that will help you duplicate and build retention in your businesses,
• And a new global Xpress model product featuring a revolutionary new technology
• And more!

As the Momentum promotion comes to a close and we prepare for these exciting changes to be launched in the coming weeks, some of you may still be wondering how all of this will affect you. Here are the answers to a few questions that you may find helpful.

When does the Momentum Promotion officially end?
The Momentum Promotion ended October 31 (the close of the period), Mountain Time.

What rank requirements are in effect after the close of the Momentum Promotion?
Now that the Momentum Promotion has ended, we are switching back to the rank requirements in the current ForeverGreen compensation plan, until the time that the new compensation plan enhancements are released.

How can we continue to purchase and promote Prodigy-5 between now and the official pre-launch of the product?
A new $20.00 USD Prodigy-5 preorder pack is now available! This $20.00 USD ticket gets you access to a special edition of the U of YOU with Ron Williams that focuses on the Secrets to Success in Prodigy-5, taking place on January 3, 2016. This pack will work the same way as the original $20.00 USD ticket; purchase will be considered a preorder for the Prodigy-5 pre-launch pack that includes six cases of Prodigy-5 for only $299.95 USD (250 QV/CV)—a $75.00 USD savings! Order yours today from your web office!

How will I be paid and/or recognized once the new compensation plan enhancements are live?
On the date when the new compensation plan enhancements go into effect, commission earnings and rank advances will be awarded based on whichever is higher between the Momentum Promotion and the new compensation plan enhancements.

What is the company doing to continue to drive new business between November 1 and the date when Prodigy-5 is officially pre-launched?
We are excited to introduce to you a new promotion called the STARTER Promotion, which will be in effect from November 1 – 28, 2016. This promotion has been designed to help Members learn the behaviors that build solid, long-lasting organizations. Please see additional communications with the details of this promotion!




When will the Prodigy-5 pre-launch and coinciding compensation plan enhancements be made live?
As stated in earlier communications, the corporate and field leadership teams are working diligently to bring both of these exciting releases together into one remarkable event. Research and popular demand agree that releasing these in tandem will make each more valuable for your business then releasing them separately. The intention is for these launches to take place as early as the end of November, but more information will be shared as these initiatives come more and more into focus.
Thank you for your continued hard work, passion, and leadership! This is only the beginning of the success we will be creating together in the coming months, and we look forward to enjoying this journey with you!

Your ForeverGreen Corporate Team