Web Office Updates During Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch

Web Office Updates During Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch

Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch and Compensation Plan Transition

We want to make you aware of the updates and changes that will be taking within your web office during the next few days of the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch and as we transition into the 2017 Compensation Plan.

From Tuesday to Friday, you’ll notice the displayed information for week 48 (the period which ended on November 28) will show weird numbers, including ranks and commissions. This is because the new comp plan parameters are being implemented. Don’t let this worry you. By Friday afternoon this week, (U.S. Mountain Time) Week 48’s information will be showing normal, with the correct information and payments according to the old comp plan.

During this week, you’ll also notice a new section to let you follow up with your new STARTER Program, which technically starts November 29, 2016 (week 49).

You’ll also find a new section to let you keep track of your advancements towards the next Ranks and STARTER program reports, based now on the new Enrollment Root criteria. This will take place for week 49 as well.

Click the image above to see an overview of the 2017 Compensation Plan.

Lastly, if you’re eligible for the special Prodigy-5 Double Habit pack ($99.95 USD/90QV fully qualified), by Friday you’ll notice this programmed Autoship under the “Autoship – Existing Autoships” menu in your web office. This won’t delete any other Autoships you may have programmed already. Please edit your Autoships according to what you wish to be Autoshipped to you. Remember, the $99.95 USD/90QV Autoship is not available at the shopping cart, so if you delete it you won’t be able to program it again. If at some point you would like to change the Prodigy-5 Autoship for another one, simply edit the Autoship date for the Prodigy-5 to meet your needs.

We are Here to Make This a Smooth Transition

One new aspect of the comp plan is the rank qualification. It’s a different method. We encourage you to watch the comp plan training. At the end of week 49, we’ll run commissions for week 49 twice for you. the first time using the new comp plan, and the second time using the rank qualification criteria we had for the momentum 100 promo. Whichever gives you the highest rank is the criteria we’ll apply to help you rank advance with week’s 49 volume!

Another new aspect of the comp plan is the STARTER Program replacing the X-Tribe Bonus. For the next 12 periods, if you are not qualifying for STARTER-150 yet (or higher), but you would’ve qualified with the former X-Tribe structure, then we’ll pay you as STARTER-150. So you have time to adjust to the new STARTER Program.

One more new aspect is the Maximum Payout for the Team Bonus. As you know by now, the Team Bonus is still 8% or 12% of your small leg (as always) up to your Maximum Payout which is explained on the comp plan trainings. For any member who was already part of the company before November 29, we’ll waive the Maximum Payout for the next 24 pay periods. This is going to give you roughly 6 months to act, learn and adjust to the new Maximum Payout criteria, so that you can make the most of the comp plan.

Although the Maximum Payout for the Team Bonus is what allows us to give you the greatest advantages for the comp plan (i.e. being able to pay team bonus from 100 QV small leg), effective week 49, members will be able to benefit from this and start earning team bonuses from their 100 QV small leg while meeting the rest of the requirements.

One last thing: Remember that from now on, in order to keep your accumulated volume on a left or right leg, in addition of you being active, you must have at least one active PEM in such leg. This will start on week 49 for any new members joining the company, and for any old members who may have been inactive and are now reactivating. For all active members previous November 29th, this rule won’t apply unless they become inactive.

Review the 2017 Compensation Plan Trainings

In order to make sure you were ready for the 2017 Compensation Plan we held trainings in many languages and went over the finer points of the new comp plan. If you would like to review any of those trainings and become more familiar with the 2017 Compensation Plan, simply click the buttons below!

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