Your Business and Prodigy-5

Your Business and Prodigy-5

Dear Members,

The ForeverGreen future has never looked brighter! A number of exciting enhancements to your business are in the works and will be rolled out over the coming weeks.



Prodigy-5 has been taking the world by storm. We are thrilled by the momentum already building for the official release of this product. Thank you to our dedicated Members around the world for creating such a buzz about this new chapter in our history. These efforts will lead to enormous collective success, and it’s only just begun!

With high expectations for this much anticipated product, ForeverGreen ordered its initial inventory of Prodigy-5 months ago. However, the success of this pre-launch has already surpassed even our wildest projections! It has been the most successful pre-launch in ForeverGreen history! In fact, we have already placed an additional order of Prodigy-5 inventory in order to meet the growing demand this product has already created.

ForeverGreen has always prided itself on delivering world-class products. The partnership we’ve created with Drs. Ambati and Saucedo and the TransArmor™ nutrient technology is no exception; in fact, it’s the beginning of a revolution! We are humbled to be the company they’ve chosen to lead the way in bringing this incredible technology to the world.



However, with this great opportunity also comes a great responsibility. Prodigy-5 must meet quality standards worthy of delivering this technology to the masses.

Extensive testing and research has been performed to create the most perfect flavor profile and formula for Prodigy-5 possible. One of the challenges this endeavor has posed is finding a flavor profile that will suit the varying tastes of our global audience. With this in mind, the ForeverGreen product development team has been working for weeks with Drs. Ambati and Saucedo, top field leadership, and leading product manufacturers to find the best combination of natural ingredients that meet the quality and taste standards we expect for Prodigy-5. While we could have taken the easy route and used artificial sweeteners like other companies may have done, we chose to find a solution that aligned with our values. This hard work has paid off, and now we can’t wait to share with you a very delicious, full-flavored, all-natural Prodigy-5!

To put it simply, the search for this perfection, coupled with the challenge of ensuring we have enough product to meet the increasing global demand, have added to the research and development phase of Prodigy-5 and delayed our production timeline. Although it means the delivery of Prodigy-5 will be delayed for a several weeks, on behalf of our terrific field leadership and Drs. Ambati and Saucedo, we are proud to bring you a Prodigy-5 product you’ll be confident in sharing with the world!



Here’s the Really Good News


As many of you are aware, our corporate and field leadership have been working diligently for months on enhancements to the industry leading ForeverGreen compensation plan. The intention of these improvements is to better drive and reward business-building behaviors that create the maximum opportunity for success for all of our Members, worldwide!

Based on field leadership recommendations, we are proud to announce that corporate and top leaders have recently aligned on these enhancements. Just a few of these enhancements include:

  • Lower small leg volume requirements for rank advancements
  • Earlier payouts to new Members
  • Higher emphasis on Enrollment behaviors
  • A step-by-step program for new Member success
  • Higher rank advance cash bonuses, paid more often
  • And more!

Just around the corner is the Paris Convention, an event where we will showcase Prodigy-5 and the new compensation plan enhancements, as well as other incredible announcements coming your way.


A Blessing in Disguise?

Based upon the feedback we received from our field leadership, the original intention was for the compensation plan enhancements to be brought to you early next year.
However, all of our research indicates that the spike of volume your businesses will experience from the pre-launch sales of Prodigy-5 will be maximized if launched in tandem with these compensation plan improvements.

In this light, the corporate team has locked arms with field leadership and is committed to speeding up development to bring the new compensation plan enhancements to you much sooner—the coinciding compensation plan enhancement and Prodigy-5 launches will now take place together as early as the end of November! The merging of these two launches is sure to create an incredible year-end for everyone. Again, we extend our sincerest gratitude to our field leadership for their incredible insights!

Here are a few things you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Credit cards will not be charged until Prodigy-5 orders are ready to ship.
  • Members will be recognized in Paris based on their efforts in the Momentum 100 promotion.
  • When credit cards are charged, initial commissions will be paid based upon Momentum 100 criteria.
  • A new promotion and an extended Prodigy-5 pre-launch opportunity will be unveiled in Paris.
  • Paris attendees will have the opportunity to taste Prodigy-5.
  • The Paris convention will feature a number of exciting announcements, training and special guests, including Drs. Ambati, Saucedo, and Kim.
  • You are on the ground floor of a revolution in nutrient technology starting with Prodigy-5. The $100-billion supplement industry will never be the same!

If you are planning on transferring Prodigy-5 pre-launch pack volume, please contact Member Support between now and October 29 at 801.655.5500 or [email protected]

We are delighted for the success these incredible developments will mean for your business, and will continue to keep you updated as they come more and more into focus. With your continued leadership, dedication, and passion we are sure to close out 2016 strong, and start 2017 even stronger! There’s no telling the heights we will reach together in the coming months with the opportunities that lie ahead. You’re in the right place, at the right time! Welcome home.


Your Corporate Leadership Team