Pulse™ is a combination of more than 26 raw whole-food fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers and grains. It features vitamins, minerals, enzymes, several forms of fiber, and essential fatty acids, in their most raw and natural form.


Pulse features a perfect blend of wholesome natural flavors that will excite your taste buds and leave you satisfied and energized. Plus, since there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives, you can snack on it all day long with zero guilt! Pulse lets you enjoy every delicious moment.


Pulse is available in Raspberry Hemp, Blueberry Hemp and Cherry Hemp. One of these amazing flavors is featured each month to ensure that Pulse is always made fresh, by hand, daily.


• More than 26 raw whole foods
• Clean and/or organic ingredients
• No artificial ingredients
• No preservatives
• GMO-free
• Pesticide-free
• All-natural

• High in fiber
• Plant-based nutrients
• Vitamins and minerals
• Includes beneficial fats to help curb hunger
• Convenient
• Perfect for those on-the-go
• Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range

Highlighted Ingredient: Hemp Seeds

    • Contain up to 36% protein
    • Include up to 65% edestin protein, which aids in digestion, helps to support a healthy immune system, and helps manage stress with glutamic acid
    • Contain all 20 known amino acids including the eight essential and two semi-essential amino acids that our bodies do not product naturally
    • Are a complete protein, meaning that it contains all 10 essential amino acids in a sufficient quantity to meet the body’s protein requirements
    • Offer these amino acids in the most easily-digestible form with a perfect ratio of essential fatty acids for optimal nutrition
    • Are an excellent source of calcium and iron
    • Are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese
    • Are gluten-free


In a world of manmade foods that have been chemically-altered, genetically-modified and loaded with preservatives, edifying our bodies with whole-food nutrition is increasingly important.


Many processed and packaged foods contain large amounts of additives, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, hidden allergens and synthetic chemicals. Not only do these foods not provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to create and maintain healthy functions, they also fill your body with synthetic chemicals that your body cannot digest or utilize.


For the weight-conscious, even so-called low fat, low calorie, “healthy” diet foods often contain high amounts of synthetic ingredients that are causing more harm for your body than good.


If you are tired, low on energy, irritable or suffering from chronic ailments, it’s possible your body’s cells are not getting the nutrition they need for optimal function. This unhealthy environment in the body can contribute to its inability to adequately regulate toxins and protect from abnormal cell divisions that may cause very serious health problems and lead to disease.


It’s time to turn around your mood and your health by edifying your body with the proper raw materials. Pulse offers a delicious and convenient way to curb your cravings while providing the body with the raw whole foods it needs for optimal function. With a tasty array of natural ingredients that are simple for the body to digest and utilize, Pulse helps you take an easy but important step toward living a healthier life.


Eating whole foods has never been so important. Watch now to learn more about how you can snack better and live better with Pulse.


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