Why you should apply heat every time you exercise

Why you should apply heat every time you exercise

Applying heat to your muscles before exercise reduces risk of injury, improves performance and aids in recovery.

Exercising with cold muscles not only doesn’t feel very pleasant, it can also be dangerous. Muscles are a tissue that stretches and changes shape, but when they are cold, this tissue is less pliable. When you exercise with cold muscles you are more likely to strain or tear those muscles, halting your physical progression and requiring a painful recovery. By simply warming up your muscles by applying heat, or doing a brief warm up routine, you significantly cut down the risk of getting injured during your workout.

“As a wrestler, my body takes a beating on a regular basis. I had forgotten what it’s like to not be sore. I messed up my leg in a tournament so my mom put a PowerStrip on the back of my thigh before i went to bed. When i woke up, my leg felt fine and i also felt less overall soreness. I asked fore another PowerStrip to put on my shoulder, and I got the same results. I’m very impressed! I will be adding the PowerStrip to my regular routine and I’ll definitely be telling other wrestlers and my friends. Thanks so much!” Alex K. | Argentina

Enhanced Performance

In addition to protecting your body from injury, warming your muscles can enhance your performance. Warm muscles will stretch further and work harder with less effort. Many athletes know that they will be able to run further, lift higher, and move faster if their muscles have been warmed up prior to exercise. If you’re trying to break a plateau and raise your performance, applying heat to your muscles could make the difference.

As heat is applied to your body before and during exercise, the blood vessels dilate and circulation is increased. Oxygen is able to flow more easily and wastes can be carried away more quickly. At the end of a workout, tired and sore muscles can be a result of poor oxygenation and a build up of toxins. By increasing blood flow with heat, your recovery after a workout can be shorter and less painful.

One of the powers of a PowerStrip is germanium, a transparent element on the periodic table, which allows white light and heat to flow through it. When you apply PowerStrips™ to the skin, the heat that rises off the body goes in and through the germanium. That energy is then bent and redirected back toward the body. The heat is broken down into its component parts; the most important part is the long-wave heat. This long-wave heat is refracted back into the body, and it penetrates into the tissues to a depth of about ten centimeters. As long as you wear a PowerStrip, these bio-chemical processes and neurologic processes come together and create a warm, relieving environment.