New Bonus For Prodigy-5 500 Founders!

New Bonus For Prodigy-5 500 Founders!

Prodigy-5 500 Founders New Bonus Pool!

We are loving all of the energy we are seeing from the Prodigy-5 500 Founders Club! To add to the excitement we have some incredible news! We have decided to extend an additional bonus in the form of a cash pool for all Members who qualify to be part of the 500 Founders Club.

This pool will consist of 3% of worldwide sales* between now and January 9, 2017. You can earn shares in this pool two different ways!

Earn 1 share by becoming a Member of the Founders 500 Club**! You do this when you complete your first 5 PEM enrollments with the Pre-Launch Founders Pack!

Earn 1 extra share for each additional PEM enrolled with the Pre-Launch Founders pack!

*Founders Pool is 3% of global sales between 12/6/16 at 12:01 AM and 1/9/17 at 11:59 PM U.S. Mountain Time.

**To Qualify, Founders Club Members must remain fully qualified (100 QV or 90 QV Fully Qualified with the Prodigy 5 Double Habit Pack). Only 500 positions are available in the Prodigy-5 500 Founders Club.



Prodigy-5 500 Founders Club EXTENDED!

Because we are adding this new bonus pool we want to make sure that no one misses out! To do that we have decided to extend qualifications for the Prodigy-5 500 Founders Club until January 9, 2017!

Spread the word to your team and earn shares in the exclusive bonus pool today!

Click the image above to watch Joe Jensen announce this promotion!