North America Opportunity Webinar Recap

North America Opportunity Webinar Recap

Thank You For Joining Us!

We appreciate everyone who joined us on the North America opportunity webinar! We received great updates and training from Chief Marketing Officer Jorge Alvarado and our other special guests!

If you weren’t able to join us please watch the recording and read the remainder of this email as it has the highlights of what was talked about last night and what exciting things are happening in North America!

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Free Membership Promotion Extended

From now until January 2, 2017, all Membership fees will be waived*! This gives you an extraordinary opportunity to go out and add Members to your team without having to worry about the Membership fee.

*While the $12.00 USD membership fee will be waived, new Members must complete a first order to active their Membership.


Introducing SmartBuilder

SmartBuilder is a new platform for staying connected, learning, managing and developing your ForeverGreen business! This training tool takes you through the ForeverGreen business one step at a time and awards achievements based on what you accomplish and learn. As you and your new Members use this tool, you’ll learn the skills required to develop long-lasting, sustainable businesses for increased retention and success.

How to Register on SmartBuilder

To access SmartBuilder, click on the button below or download the free SmartBuilder app from the Google Play or Apple app store on your mobile device.

From the main page, select ‘Register here!’ (Desktop) or ‘Register’ (Mobile App). Complete the required fields, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘Register’. Follow the directions to confirm your email address. You’re all set!

Initially, the SmartBuilder has been launched in as a beta version in English, Spanish and French, but more languages, updates, and additional information will be available in the coming weeks! A link to SmartBuilder will also be added to your web office homepage shortly. Go ahead and start using your SmartBuilder today by clicking the button below!

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Presenting the Prodigy-5 500 Founders

The first 500 Members who enroll 5 new members with the Pre-Launch Founders Pack starting November 29, will be part of this exclusive group! This group will be recognized on the corporate website as part of the Prodigy-5 500 Founders, receive a commemorative pin as well as many special perks at upcoming conventions and events for one year.

If you have already enrolled some Members with the previous Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack before November 29, don’t worry! We’ll count those enrollments towards your Prodigy-5 Founders 500 club.

The web page with the updated list of all Members who have qualified to be one of the 500 Founders can be found be clicking the button below.

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